At Kickserv, most often your workflow will begin at the Opportunity level. Another way to think of Opportunities is your prospects or leads. This is where you can capture any and all potential customers and provide them with an estimate.

In this article, we will cover the two main ways to create a new Opportunity:

Create a New Opportunity from Add New

  1. Select the Add New button located in the navigation bar.

  2. Then, select Opportunity from the pop-out menu.

  3. Fill out the New Opportunity form with General Information about the job, including a service, an internal-only description, and a customer-facing scope of work field. You can also add a new service type at this point, if needed.

  4. To add your New Opportunity, you must select a contact from your customer records or input a new contact. You can add a new contact by selecting Create a New Contact.

  5. Select the Create Opportunity button to finishing adding your new Opportunity.

Create a New Opportunity from Jobs

  1. From any page, select the Jobs section located in the navigation menu, next to the white suitcase icon.
  2. Next, select Opportunities from the pop-out menu.

  3. Select the Add Opportunity button. It will then live under the New tab on the Opportunities page.

  4. Follow steps 3 through 5 in Create a New Opportunity from Add New to finish adding a new Opportunity.

You did it! From here, the next step is to schedule or send your customers estimates.

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