Now that your Opportunities have been won and Jobs have been completed, it's time for the best part. Let's get you paid with invoices!

In this article, we will cover:

You can find your invoices from any page by selecting the Jobs button next to the suitcase icon, then select Invoices. This will take you to the Invoices page where you can see unpaid and paid invoices, depending on the selected tab.

Tip: Pay attention to the selected filters at the top of the Invoices page. If you cannot find an invoice, make sure there are no applied filters that could limit what you're seeing.

Generate an invoice

When you mark a Job as complete, you'll see a pop up asking if you'd like to generate an invoice. If yes, select the Generate the invoice button.

You also have the option to generate an invoice at any time from inside of the Job by selecting the Generate Invoice button located in the Job header.

After generating the invoice, you will be taken inside of the invoice where you can change the document view for the customer, adjust charge items, add a payment, update notes and terms, and request a signature. To learn more about customizing invoices, see our article, Personalize Estimates and Invoices.

Before sending the invoice, you also have the option to preview what the customer will see by selecting the Preview button.

This will take you to the invoice's webpage, the same page that is sent to the customer via email and SMS messaging. Select the Back to Invoice button at any time to return to the Invoice's page.

Tip: To customize your invoice further than the options provided in Messaging Templates, Business plans and above can use custom templates to code a specific invoice. See our article all about Custom Templates to learn more.

Sending an invoice

When you're ready to send an invoice, select the Send button located in the invoice header.

You'll have the option to change the document view, update the email address and add a CC, edit the subject line, copy sender, require signature, customize message, and include the invoice as a PDF. When it all looks good, select the Send invoice button.

To confirm if an invoice has been sent or seen, you can look at the icons shown on the Invoices page. A blue letter icon means the invoice has been sent. A purple eye icon means that the customer has opened and viewed the invoice.

Note: A light grey letter icons mean that the Invoice has not been sent, and a light grey eye icon means the invoice has not been opened/viewed.

Marking an invoice as paid

To mark an invoice as paid, select the Mark Paid button in the invoice header.

You'll get a confirmation screen confirming that the invoice has been marked Paid. You can always undo this action by selecting the Mark unpaid button that appears in the invoice header.

Voiding an invoice

If needed, you can void an invoice by adjusting the charges. This can be done three ways:

  • The first option is to make the charges on the invoice all $0, then enter the word "VOIDED" at the end of each charge description.
  • The second option is to add a negative line item that cancels out the balance due.
  • The third option is to add a payment to the invoice and use the method "Other." We only recommend using this third option if you don't intend to sync the job/invoice to QuickBooks.

Automatic invoice reminders

You have the option to automatically send follow-up emails to customers for unpaid invoices at a cadence of your choosing based on the original sent date.
Note: The following requirements must be met for automatic invoice follow-ups to send successfully.
  1. The Job must be complete.
  2. The invoice must have a balance remaining.
  3. The invoice must not already be marked "Paid".
  4. The invoice must have been sent manually once before (indicating you are now expecting a payment).

Follow these steps to set up automatic invoice reminders on your account:

  1. Navigate to Settings –> Messaging Templates (under Customizations) then the Invoice messaging tab. Scroll to the Invoice Reminders section.

  1. Select the box next to Send Automatic Reminders. Then, choose your desired frequency for the messages to be sent to customers by selecting the appropriate schedule.
  2. Customize the Subject and Custom Message (optional).
  3. Then, select the box next to Attach PDF copy and/or Also send a copy by text message if desired.
  4. Select the Update invoice email button to save your changes.

That's it for invoices! Want to take your Kickserv to the next level? Learn how to use Reminders and keep everyone on task.

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