In Kickserv, we offer two types of Reminders to keep everyone on schedule. The first are internal Reminders for technicians and employees. These are to follow up with a customer or remind an employee of an upcoming Job. The second are automatic Reminders sent to customers, notifying them of an upcoming Job 48 hours in advance.

Here's how to use both:

  1. Reminders for Employees
  2. Customer Reminders

Note: When you manually trigger a reminder email to an employee or customer, this action will show up in Job History. Automated reminder emails will not appear in Job History.

Reminders for Employees

By default, all Reminders are sent via email unless an employee has mobile notifications enabled. Then, Reminders will be sent via email and text messages. Be sure to have employees turn on Notifications, otherwise they may not receive emails.

  1. To set an internal reminder for a new Opportunity or Job, select and open the desired Opportunity or Job. Then, locate the Schedule section and select the Add Reminder button.

  1. From here, you can set the desired date and time for the Reminder to send a notification. You can also add a description and assign the Reminder to one or more employees by selecting the + icon.

  1. When ready, select the Add Event button to set the Reminder.

Tip: This event will show up as a regular scheduled event for the employee if they do not have notifications turned on.

Be sure to instruct employees to have notifications turned on and set up to 1 hour before their scheduled events. Then, employees will be notified 1 hour before the time that the reminder has been scheduled. Without notifications turned on, employees will only see that they have a reminder scheduled when they look at their events for the day. 

Customer Reminders

For Lite plans and above, you can set automated customer reminders to notify customers of service 48 hours in advance. This reduces no-shows, reminds customers of routine service, and keeps the lines of communication open.

  1. To set up automatic customer reminders, go to Setting —> Messaging Templates —> Customer Reminder tab. From here, check the box next to Active, which will send an automatic email reminder to the customer before each scheduled Job and Opportunity.

  2. You can choose to include an arrival window, a specific reply email, and a custom message. When ready, select the Update customer reminder email button.

Note: The customer reminder will send as both an email and SMS text message to the customer. A customer must be able to receive emails and text messages to get both reminders.

Now everyone is on schedule and on track! Go forth and complete those Jobs!

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