Customers and Contacts

It's easy to keep track of your customers right in your Kickserv account!

In this article, we'll cover how to:

Create New Customers

To create a new customer from any page, select the Add New button in the Kickserv navigation bar. Then, select Customer.

This will bring you to the Add a new contact page. From here, you can choose if this contact is a person or a company, input a customer's name, phone number, and email address. You can also check the box to ensure that they receive text messages, or if this contact should be treated as a service location. Read more about managing service locations at the bottom of this article.

After adding the contact information, add the service address, billing address, and any additional contact information.

Note: For Standard plans and above, you have the option to add custom fields to your contact form. To set these, go to Settings —> Forms & Fields —> Customer tab —> Add a field.

When ready, select the Save Contact button to add the customer to your address book.

Import Contacts

To import existing contacts to your Kickserv account, select the cloud icon with an upwards arrow.

From there, choose whether you want to upload contacts using a CSV file or Gmail account.

Import Contacts from CSV File

To import contacts from a CSV file, select Import from CSV as the source.

Then, follow the steps listed onscreen. Select the Upload CSV file button when the steps are complete.

Import Contacts from Gmail

To import contacts from a Gmail account, select Gmail as the source.

Select the Connect to Gmail button to sync your Google contacts with Kickserv.

Note: If you integrate with QuickBooks, Kickserv will automatically bring over your customers from QuickBooks.

Manage Service Locations

In some instances, you may need to have multiple locations for a single customer. This is where service locations come in handy. Service locations allow you to keep track of all service addresses without disturbing the main customer (or parent) record.

  1. To add a service location, select the Company/Location button. Then, input a Company name specifically for the service location. Make sure the This is a service location box is checked, then type in the name of the main customer (or parent) record.

Note: You must use a unique name for the company names of service locations. Look for the green checkmark to appear confirming that this is a unique name. Otherwise, you will get a notification prompting you to go to the saved customer:

  1. Then, input the address for the service location. Double check that the red pin appears on the map after entering in the address to ensure it is synced with Google Maps and will work with GPS tracking.

  1. Lastly, choose whether to bill the main customer (or parent) record, the service address, or a new address. Input any additional contact information, then select the Save Contact button to save the new service address.

The Customer Center

Included with every Kickserv account, the Customer Center provides a single place for your customers to request service, access work history, approve estimates, and pay invoices.

Below we will cover:

Accessing the Customer Center

You can access the Customer Center for a specific contact by going to Customers, selecting the desired customer, going to the Overview tab, and locating the section titled Customer Center.

Tip: If needed, you can email this direct link to the customer. For security, the link will expire after a period of time, but you can always send a fresh one from this view. Customers can also access their Customer Center via their email and text estimates and invoices.

Work History

The Work History shows all of a customer's jobs—past and future. Clicking a job in Work History will reveal all the job’s details, including address and contact information, estimate, receipt, charges, notes, and attachments.

If your customers have questions on using The Customer Center, we have a dedicated article just for them.

You've successfully added and updated your customers and contacts in Kickserv! Need to keep track of upcoming jobs? Check out our article on using Reminders to keep everyone on track and on schedule.

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