Developer API

For even more customization options, we provide our API for use by your own internal or external development team. For assistance working with the Kickserv API, refer to our API documentation, where you can try out API interactions on your own live data.

Note: This documentation refers to version 2 of the Kickserv Public API only. Kickserv cannot assist with the implementation or development of your applications.

For Developers

The Kickserv API is implemented via XML over HTTP in a RESTful manner. The following resources are available through the API:


  • Authentication is performed via Basic Authentication using an employee's API token.
  • This API token must be passed on every API call.
  • An employee's unique API token can be found in the employee management section of your Kickserv account.
  • An API token should be treated like your normal Kickserv password. Changing your password will also change your API token.

Note: API tokens are only available on our Premium plan.

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