Custom Reports

In addition to our default reports, we offer the option to build custom reports for Standard plans and above. Many of our businesses have different and unique data needs, and we have a robust library of templates to begin building a report of your own.

In this article, we will go step-by-step on how-to build a custom report from one of our templates.

How To Build A Custom Report

  1. Select Reports in the left-hand navigation column.  This will take you to the reporting page.

  1. Select the drop down arrow next to New Custom Report to choose the report type you'd like to build.

  1. Name your report using the What is your report called? field.
  2. From the options listed, check the boxes for the data fields you'd like included in the report.

  1. Drag the fields up and down using the + icon in the What order should the data be displayed? section. This will order the way you'd like the information to appear.

  1. In the How should your data be filtered? section, select from the drop-downs how you want to filter the data so you get only that data or objects you desire.
  2. For How should your data be grouped?, specify a field to group your report. For example, if you want to separate information per employee, choose Employee Name.
  3. Under Do you need to remove duplicates from your report?, select which value(s) should be unique to prevent or remove duplicates.

  1. Select the Create report button to finalize your custom report.

Tip: If you're filtering data by a specific field (EX: a customer's zip/postal code) that doesn't need to be displayed in the report. However, if you're using custom fields and need to use a filter for a custom field, then the field must be one of the data fields selected to display.

Need help with your custom report? Contact our customer support Ninjas, and they'll turn you into a reporting pro!

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