"Help! I can't log in!"

Q: Ninjas, I need help! I can't seem to log in. How do I fix this?

A: From our years of experience, here are the most common reasons for log in trouble (and how to fix them).

  1. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive. This means that forgetting to capitalize (or capitalizing a letter that shouldn't be capitalized) will effect your ability to log in. Try entering in your username and password with the capitalization used to create your account. Also, be sure that your browser isn't autofilling in your username or password incorrectly from a previous log in. You can open a private browser window to prevent autofilling.

  1. Double check your Account ID/subdomain name. To log in to your Kickserv account, you will also need to know your Account ID or subdomain name. You can locate this in your web address bar.
    • Navigate to kickserv.com, then select the LOGIN button located in the top right.
    • Enter in your account's email address, then select the Find my account button.
    • In the web address bar, this web address will appear: app.kickserv.com/SUBDOMAIN/login. Instead of SUBDOMAIN, your unique account ID will show up instead.
    • Be sure to write this down or save it in a secure place to refer to later.

  1. Try using the magic link. If you have trouble remembering your username and password, the magic log in link is an easy, one-click solution to access your Kickserv account. Enter the email address associated with your Kickserv account, then click the link delivered to your email inbox to log in instantly without inputting a password.

  2. If all else fails, have your account admin reset your password. Any user with admin abilities can reset your Kickserv username and password. Contact your account admin to update your employee information and password.

Note: Kickserv accounts will automatically lock after 5 failed log in attempts, and the user will be emailed unlock instructions.

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