"Where did my Jobs go?"

Q: Suddenly, all of my Jobs have disappeared! What's going on?

A: We're on the case! Before we investigate further, there are three very common reasons for this:

  1. Opportunities: Did you know that once an Opportunity has been won, it automatically turns into an unscheduled Job? The next time you're looking for a missing Opportunity, check to see if it's actually been turned into an unscheduled Job.

  2. Filter Settings: On the Jobs page, you have the option to filter and sort through your Jobs by service type, status, tag, assigned technician, and time. You can apply these filters to any tab on the Jobs page, from unscheduled all the way to completed.

    If you're having trouble finding a Job, double check that your filters are correct or all the way off. Otherwise, you might not see all of the Jobs displayed.

  1. Calendar Settings: Another factor that might limit the Jobs you're seeing is your calendar settings. Double check the filters at the top of the page to ensure nothing is limiting your results. You can also select the clock icon to change the time range the calendar displays.

If all else fails, drop us a line so we can look into this instance of disappearing Jobs!

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