"I'm getting a QuickBooks® sync error!"

Q: Oh no—I'm getting a QuickBooks® sync error! What do I do now?

A: Kickserv syncs with both QuickBooks® Desktop and QuickBooks® Online. Our team can always help if you are confused. To try resolving it on your own, here are steps you can try:

  1. Run an empty sync.

    An empty sync is when you remove all invoices from the Ready To Sync queue and run the sync without any invoices. This keeps items and taxes up-to-date in Kickserv so it's a good idea to do it often.

  2. Make Quickbooks The Master.

    This is most recommended if you are getting an error that says the customer name is already in use. If you have your Kickserv setting set to "Make contact edits in Kickserv", you can temporarily flip it back by following these steps: Settings –> Integrations –> QuickBooks.

    We recommend running an empty sync before attempting to sync the invoice again.

  3. Check for errors.

    If an item has been updated at QuickBooks® since it was used on a Job, then a red error will post directly on the invoice saying which items are invalid. You can edit and re-add the items on those charges and carry on syncing the invoice.

    There is also an error log on the right of the sync page. The most common QuickBooks® errors that we see actually happen at the initial integration (when Customers are coming over).

    Invalid email address and phone numbers can cause errors because Kickserv does not allow letters to be entered into a phone like QuickBooks® does. Additionally, we only allow for one email address per email field.

Note: You will need to move the invoices to waiting approval before you can edit the charges.

Whatever your QuickBooks sync issue is, our team can get it fixed! Drop us a line at kickserv.com/contact or via the chat bubble in the righthand corner to get in touch with our Customer Success team.

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