Connect to QuickBooks® Desktop

Note: Before you can begin the set up for Quickbooks® Desktop synchronization, you will need to enable the add-on to your Kickserv account. The cost to maintain a sync to QuickBooks® desktop is $50/month or $480/year.

How to Connect to QuickBooks® Desktop

After you enable the QuickBooks® add-on to your Kickserv account, follow the steps below to complete the sync:

  1. Go to Settings then Integrations.
  2. Select the QuickBooks tab, then select the Take me there button.

  1. From there, select QuickBooks Desktop Integration.

Note: If you are on a trial account, be sure to choose Save and continue my trial.

  1. Log in to your QuickBooks® company file as the administrator.
  2. Ensure you are running in single-user mode for the initial sync.
  3. Double check that your QuickBooks® company file name is exactly the same as your Kickserv company name.
  4. Once back in Kickserv, return to Settings —> Integrations —> then the QuickBooks tab.
  5. Follow Step 1, and click on QWC file to install the Kickserv application to your web connector.

  1. When asked to authorize Kickserv, select OK.

  1. When asked if you want to allow this application to read and modify the company file, choose Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open. Then select Continue.

11. Confirm access by selecting Done.

12. Follow Step 2, and fill in the password field with the password from the Kickserv QuickBooks integration page.

13. Confirm the password by selecting Yes when asked to save.

14. Check the box next to your Kickserv application, then select Update Selected. The sync to Kickserv will now run.

  1. The progress bar will update as the sync progresses. Once your sync is finished, select QuickBooks in the sidebar, then select the Sync History tab to verify that your sync was successful!

Note: We have seen some syncs take 20-30 minutes the first time around, especially for mature QuickBooks® files.

You've successfully connected your Kickserv account to QuickBooks® Desktop! Having any issues? Contact our customer support Ninjas, and they'll get you back on track.

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