The Customer Center

The Customer Center is your all-in-one place to book services, access work history, approve estimates, and pay invoices.

In this article, we will cover all you can find in your Customer Center:

Logging in

When you receive a notice of an estimate or invoice (whether by text message or email), that notice will include a special login link to access the Customer Center and view the estimate or invoice. The link will expire after a period of time, but you can always request a new one from the company.

Since the Customer Center link contains a special token that expires after a period of time, you don't need to remember a password. Instead, all you need is your email address or mobile number.

Work History

Work History shows all of the Jobs on your account, past and future.

Selecting into a Job in Work History will reveal all the Job’s details: date, Scope of Work, address, contact information, charges, notes, attachments, and messages.


You can view, download, and print estimates in the Customer Center by selecting the View Estimate button from your email.

You can also find your estimate from inside of a Job in the Customer Center.


You can view invoices in the Customer Center. From the Work History page, select the Open Invoices tab.

Making payments

It's easy to pay your invoices directly from the Customer Center. Pay an outstanding invoice with a credit card by selecting the Open Invoices tab. Select the check box next to the invoice you'd like to pay, then select the Pay with Card button or the Pay Selected with Card button. Your payment will be processed immediately via Stripe.

If your company has Klarna enabled, you'll see the option to pay in installments in the check-out window. Contact the company if you have any questions about using Klarna on your invoice.

Once your payment is processed, Stripe will send you a confirmation email containing a receipt.

Messages, Charges, Notes, and Attachments


Any messages associated with a Job will appear in this tab. Here, you can send, receive, and reply to messages on a specific job. This is also the best way to ask the company any questions about a Job and an easy way to keep a record of communications.


Job charges and payments will appear in this tab.


Any notes from the company will appear in this tab.


Any attachments shared by the company appear in this tab.

Booking a New Job

You can book a new job by selecting the Contact Form button at the top of the Customer Center.

That's it for Kickserv's Customer Center! If you have any other questions, reach out to our Customer Success Ninjas for help.

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