From the Reports page, clicking "Productivity (Summary)" shows you a high-level overview of all employees for the selected time frame. This will come in handy if you compensate technicians based on commission, if you'd like to encourage competition, or if you just want to see who your top performers are.

You'll see the following information:

  • Number of jobs

  • Total allocation amount for the employee

  • Total revenue

  • Average amount per job allocated to the employee

  • Average percentage allocated to the employee per job

Per Employee

Selecting "Productivity (Per Employee)" gives you a detailed view of all productivity data on a single employee for the selected time frame.

  • All jobs they received allocations for (job number and revenue)

  • Amount allocated to the employee for that job

  • Percentage allocated to the employee for the job

You can choose how many records to include on a single page by modifying the "Records Per Page" selector and clicking Run Report.

Click the "Download All" button to download all the productivity data for every employee for the selected time frame. The employee selector and "Records Per Page" selector will disable themselves (since you are downloading all employees) and the report type selector will switch to "CSV (Excel)".

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