Kickserv will not support switching accounting integrations nor disconnecting and then returning to the same Kickserv account and integrating. (Quickbooks or Xero).

If for some reason you need to switch from Quickbooks to Xero (or visa versa) that is not supported.  The two applications are far to different to sync successfully. You will need to start a new Kickserv account.

Also there have been requests to switch from one Quickbooks account to another (Xero as well) and that will only be supported if the Quickbooks or Xero account is new and empty of customers.

Note: We do not have a feature or method to populate the new Quickbooks with your existing Kickserv customers.

There are occasions where you have a need to disconnect your existing Quickbooks account (QB desk top or QB online) or Xero only temporarily to organize your accounting or train others, or other reasons and then return your Kickserv account to integrate with that same Quickbooks account.  This will not be supported.  Problems arise when there has been transactions created or updated while the accounts are separated.  The sync is typically never successful in sorting out those instances and the sync becomes troublesome from there forward.  You will need to create a new Kickserv account otherwise.

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