If you need to take deposits, here are two options on how to handle that with Kickserv.

Option #1

  1. Create the job

  2. Add line charges to the invoice equal to or greater than the amount of the deposit.

  3. Generate the invoice

  4. Add the partial payment to the invoice.  Kickserv does not calculate percentages so you will have to figure out the amount if the downpayment is a fraction of the amount total due.

  5. You can now sync that invoice and deposit to either Quickbooks or Xero.

Now that you have synced that invoice to QB or Xero the line charges in Kickserv will be locked.  To update (add or remove) charges to this invoice you have to go directly to QB or Xero.  The following sync will update your Kickserv invoice with those changes.  This would be part the two way sync feature.

You can always add further payments to the Kickserv invoice as long as there's a balance and the payment does not exceed that balance.

Option #2

  1. Create a specific job to collect the first part of the job.  You are going to create a job and add a general charge (i.e. Deposit) 

  2. Make the line charge amount equal to the deposit

  3. Add scheduled work events if applicable and generate the invoice

  4. Add the deposit payment to the invoice

  5. Now, that deposit invoice could have some tasks on it to complete before a second job is created.  This is just keeping up your admin on the jobs.

  6. Once the first half of the job is completed you will create a second new job.

  7. The second job will have the second phase of the job on it normally.  It will have the second part of the job's scheduled events, last half of the chargeable line charges and notes.

  8. Lastly, you will again generate a second invoice, add the last payment to it and sync it to either Quickbooks or Xero.

Note: Again, the payment has to be equal to or less than the total amount of the invoice.

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