Quickbooks errors can often be ambiguous and confusing.  The error messages most of the time do not make a lot of sense to non-programmers, but with a little guidance from Kickserv tech support, we can get you back on track and syncing.

Step #1. Run an empty sync. Remove all invoices from the Ready To Sync queue and run the sync.  This is ALWAYS step one for any object or situation that will not successfully sync either way.

Step #2. What is the current error message?  If there are no errors then proceed to adding just one invoice back into the Ready To Sync queue and run the sync.

Step #3. What error messages do you have?

Common errors found and their solutions:

  • QBWC1041 or QBWC1042: SendRequestXML failed due to error message: [An error message appears here]

These "XML errors" are typically an issue with older Quickbooks company file data. There is a field that the sync is expecting to have data in it, but it is Null (aka empty). Create a support ticket for your Kickserv support person to assist.

  • QBWC1040: Web connector did not provide a valid username and/or password

In your actual web connector there was a 5 character password inserted during the initial integration.  That password is generated by Kickserv.  You can always locate this password at settings > Add ons > Quickbooks.  It will be at the bottom of the instructions in red type.

  • QBWC3100 or QBWC3120: The name "contact name" of the list element is already in use.

A customer, vendor or employee record already exists in the Quickbooks company file with that name.  QB uses the same database tables to store all three of these objects. The solution is to make the name you are attempting to sync unique.

  • "Quickbooks already has a company file open…"

  1. Open your computers Task Manager (right click on the task bar at the bottom of your computer)

  2. Navigate to the Processes or Details tabs looking for multiple instances of QuickBooks processes running.

  3. Right click to close down the processes for Quickbooks (QBDBMgrN.exe)


  1. Reboot your entire machine.  Whichever is easiest for you at this time.

  • The request failed with HTTP status 504: GATEWAY_TIMEOUT. See QWCLog for more details. Remember to turn logging on.

This error can most of the time be solved by removing all invoices from the Ready To Sync queue, then running an empty sync.  The time could be due to an invoice or customer record erring out and putting the sync into an endless loop.  We can narrow the culprit down only one invoice at a time.

  • Object "XXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX" specified in the request cannot be found. QuickBooks error message: Invalid argument. The specified record does not exist in the list. 

or just

  • Object "XXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX" specified in the request cannot be found.

This typically the error you receive when there is a problem sync'ing a payment to Kickserv.  To locate it you will need to copy that string of digits and letters and post it in a support ticket to us.  We will look it up and locate the job that it is associated with.

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