As discussed here on Two quick ways to notify your customer, Kickserv offers the option to let your customer knows when the technician it's on their way and to notify the details of the appointment. When your customer receives the notification, if they want to write you back they can do it in two different ways:

  • Reply back directly from their email which you will receive in your reply-to address.

  • Or message you from their self-service portal by clicking on the link on the email or going directly into the Customer center.

Note: The messages your customers send you via the customer center will appear in the Messages tab at the bottom left of the main dashboard. When a new message arrives, a red dot will appear on the tab. Also, here you will receive the work requests made from your Marketing page.

When you reply to your customer a message sent from the customer center, they will get your answer both in the customer center and in their email.

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