When a tech is doing a job and, for example, needs to buy some supplies, Kickserv offers a feature to keep a record of all the expenses the technician had.

Let's say the tech is doing a drain clog and they discovered a new pipe is needed because the old one is broken. They go to Home Depot and buys the pipe and some special glue.

The total is $30 - $20 for the pipe and $10 for the glue -

So, the next step is adding the items on the job record in the Expenses section and click on "+". This section offers multiple options:

  • Add the vendor from which the item was purchased.

  • Write a description of the item/purchase

  • Date

  • PO Number

  • Receipt Number

  • Payment type (Account or Cash out of pocket)

  • Amount

  • Attachments (add a photo from your phone library or took one)

  • Add a charge for this expense

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