To modify the time or date of an event you can go to the job record and change it. But if you want a more visual solution, you can change these settings directly on the calendar.

There are a few ways to change the date and time using the calendar

  • Drag and drop: with this option you can take the event with your pointer, drag it and drop it wherever you want, if you are displaying the calendar by day or by week. If you want to extend the time span of the event just take it from the bottom part and drag it.

  • Another option is to click on the event, select the option Edit Event and change the date and time.

The default view of the calendar is from 6 am - 5 pm but you can modify it to your own needs. It allows you to include all 24 hours.

Remember, whether you are on the Resources calendar or Dispatch calendar view, you can modify the time and date of events basically the same way on either calendar view.

Pro-tip: you can have various scheduled events for one job. If you want to know more about this, click on the link.

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