When you need to do work at a new service address for your property management company how do you create the new customer record and not disturb the parent record or your main customer record?  The answer is with a new service location customer rocord.

  1. Ensure you have a main customer record with all your property management's physical address or also referred to as the service address.  Typically in the case of the main parent record the service address is the same as the billing address.

  2. While on your parent record click on [Location/Contacts] tab.

  3. Click the big plus sign

  4. Fill out the customer record Full name with the street address of your service location (best practice).

  5. Notice the blue check mark for [This is a service location …] and your parent record's name is filled in.

  6. For Address 1 you are simply going to copy or type the street address again and choose from the suggestions that pop-up using your keyboard arrows keys to select and then the tab key to choose.

  7. Billing Address will typically be "Bill the parent address:"

  8. and lastly click the green [Save Contact] 

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