There are 3 different ways to export your contacts depending on which plan you have.

  1. (Recommended) For premium plan users go to "Reports" tab at the left of the page and select New Custom Report. This option gives you the opportunity to select which specific criteria you want to export. Mark the desired boxes and click on Create Report.

  2. Click on the "Contacts" tab at the left of the page. Then, at the top right there are two cloud icons; the first one is for importing and the second one is for exporting. Click on the second cloud icon and a link will be sent to your email in order for you to download your contact list.

  3. (Advance users recommended) For a full export of all your account information go to Settings (gear icon on the top right) > Account & Billing > Export > Export Account Data. You will receive a link to your email in order for you to download the information. You can also choose to connect your Kickserv account to Dropbox.

Note: Kickserv does a full system back-up about every 10 - 15 minutes. These back-ups are for our use only. These back-ups are in case of an event that brings our entire system down. We do have a redundant site and in the event that our primary server activity is interrupted, we have an automatic fail-over site prepared.

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