Tags are an easy way to organize, identify and search your contacts, jobs, and opportunities. If you are looking for a method to keep everything in order and indexed you got to try tags.

To create a tag, go to Settings > Tags

Select the desired tab (Work or Client) and click on Add a new work/client tag.

Once the tag is created, let's say you want to want to tag the customers you had before you started using Kickserv.

All you have to do is go into the record and click on add tag. To delete a tag just click on x icon at the end of the tag. This is what makes tagging so dynamic and fast.

Note: You cannot add a tag while creating a new record (job, opportunity, or client).

If you want to filter your contacts by tag, just to see the ones with the "Old Customer" tag, do it at the top part of the Customers page. And for jobs you would do the same at the job of the jobs page.

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