The Kickserv solution:

  1. Create the estimate/opportunity in Kickserv.

  2. Your team delivers estimates over the phone or with on-site visits.  They write up the specifics and...

  3. then send that estimate via Kickserv email (Note: to add multiple email addresses you need to add additional contacts in your customer record).

  4. Add, to the customer's estimate a reminder event, assigned to you with the date and time you feel will be reasonable for follow-up to help ensure your customer reads/views the estimate.

  5. Now, Manage the Schedule (left hand navigation column).  Check what's Today for you to follow up on today, and perhaps anything you missed which will be in red in the Overdue tab.  You can use the filters at the very top left "Show me.." and change type of events to "Estimates".

  6. Also, notice that the Date of the estimate is posted on 'Estimate Viewed' estimates, so if you sort that date column by latest to oldest you will see the same day that your customer viewed the estimate.

  7. As soon as you notice your estimate as been viewed follow-up immediately or put another reminder in the estimate to follow-up and now manage this estimate from the Schedule page.

  8. As soon as you get the customer to approve the estimate it will automatically become a new unscheduled job - Success!

  9. You will also receive emails.  The owner of the account will receive "Estimate Approved for…" as well as the technician that sent the estimate.

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