Sometimes a Kickserv account is originally set up by someone who is not the owner of the business. This can lead to confusion and problems down the road; for instance, if the billing credit card expires or changes and the original creator of the account is no longer with the company. To avoid this and other similar situations, we strongly recommend that the actual owner of the business also be the owner of the Kickserv account. 

If you need to change the ownership of your account, here's how: 

  • Log in as the current owner.

  • Click the Settings icon.

  • Click Manage Users.

  • From the list of employees, select the person that will be the new owner of the account.

  • Ensure that this user has login access, a username and password, can be assigned work, and has Full (admin mode) permissions.

  • Save changes to the user.

  • Click Account & Billing on the Settings menu.

  • Click the Account Owner tab and choose the new owner from the list.

It's that easy!  :-)

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