Kickserv users often ask us how they can calculate the cost and profit of their work for a particular time range (e.g. quarterly or monthly). You can do this easily with job expenses and the expense report.

  • Select Reports from the main navigation menu on the left. 

  • In the Work section, locate the Expenses report. 

  • Select the date range you're interested in, select "CSV (Excel)" from the dropdown, and click Run Report.

  • Find the file you just downloaded and open it in your favorite spreadsheet editor. You'll find "Jobs Total Expenses" in column L, and "Jobs Total" in column M.

  • Use those magic spreadsheet tools to sum up column L and sum up column M (or do it by hand if you just really love arithmetic).

  • Subtract the L total (Job Total Expenses) from the M total (Job Totals) to get your profit.

We hope this is a good start for you keeping track of your job costs and profits.

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