Customer Marketing report

You'll see a new report available to you under Sales and Marketing on the Reports page. It's the Customer Marketing option:

When you click it, you'll see a list of customers created within the report time frame, grouped by the Source field. That's the configurable "Where did you hear about us?" option on the Contact Form. (You can also add it directly to a customer in the Additional Contact Information section.)

This will tell you at a glance how your customers are finding you, and which of your promotional efforts are paying off the most. Any customers for which the source is unknown will show up under Unspecified at the bottom of the list. 

Rails 5 Upgrade

Also in November, we updated all our application server code to Ruby on Rails version 5. This was a monumental undertaking that stretched over the better part of a year. It involved an extensive code audit, cleanup, and reorganization the likes of which has never before been seen at Kickserv.

As if this weren't enough, we completely overhauled our server infrastructure, making it more secure, more stable, easier to update, and oh yeah--about twice as fast.

We hope you're enjoying a faster, more reliable Kickserv, and we look forward to sharing even more improvements with you in the coming months.

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