Stripe's credit card form allows you to save credit card information from a payment for later use.

Since customers will sometimes call in and give a credit card over the phone, Kickserv gives you the ability to enter a payment yourself on the Kickserv invoice view:

It's important to remember that you do not want to click that Remember Me button here.

Why not? Well, unless you only have one customer (and we hope that's not the case), the next customer payment you enter here will likely be for a different customer, using a different credit card. And we're guessing that your first customer would be none too happy about paying the second customer's invoice.

Now, when your customers pay their own invoices online, from the Customer Center, they can click Remember Me themselves and save some time when they pay you next. In fact, maybe this would be a good time to remind your customers that they can pay their own payments without even having to pick up the phone and call you.

For more information, see Stripe's Remember Me documentation.

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