If a user is having trouble accessing a feature, it's worth checking their permissions.

As an account owner or administrator, you have the option to control what features your employees have access to.

To view and edit an employee's permissions go to Settings > Manage User > select the padlock icon next to that user. 

This screen allows you to:

  • Give full permissions (admin mode)

  • Customize permissions: how much freedom within Kickserv an employee will have.

A technician with full admin would have access to all the company settings, they could create, modify and delete everything they can see (customers, jobs, charges, time entries, etc), BUT they would still be limited to only seeing customers and jobs assigned to them. 

It's worth noting that a user's assigned role (staff or technician) will still determine how much access they have to various parts of the program. These permissions determine how much they can affect the scope of those roles.

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