The Kickserv dashboard is designed in a way that your Production Manager can logically follow the events from left to right and down to the next row.

The first row shows how many opportunities you have won, how many jobs have been completed, and the number of invoices that have been paid in the present month.

The top row of the main table - Events - displays all the scheduled events of the current day, the next 7 days, and the next 30 days.

The Opportunities row shows how many new opportunities you have, how many have been scheduled, the number of estimates sent, and how many were viewed by the possible customers.

The Jobs row tells you the status, also in numbers, of all the already registered jobs: the unscheduled, the scheduled, the ones that are in progress, and the ones that are on hold.

And finally, the Invoices row shows the number of invoices that haven't been sent, the ones already sent, those already viewed by the customers, and how many of them haven't been paid.

Pro tip: Ideally, your team members should be responsible for specific tasks along the rows or, possibly, an entire row with the purpose of moving that event (or client/customer) along your customer flow line.

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