The current customer import tool works as long as you have all the data clean under the correct headers.  Here are your instructions:

  • Start at the Kickserv contacts page and look for the small blue clouds in the upper right of the page. You want the "up cloud".

  • Choose the Import from CSV.

  • Follow the instructions

  1. Use the provided "customers.csv" template and our headers.

  2. Do one record at a time until you see the data is importing correctly.

  3. Once you are comfortable with your data set then you can start importing larger groups (5, 10, 15, 30, etc…).

  4. There is no "Undo" button so make sure you go slow with small manageable imports.

  5. Save file as UTF-8 .csv format.

  6. Name field should be the first column and primary field.

  7. Name field is 41 characters or less and no special characters.

  8. email_address field must be in email format (

  9. phone_number is numeric and 21 or less.  It does allow dashes and dots.

  10. which billing address values are [service], [billing] or [parent] and always lower case.

How to import service locations (i.e. property management companies)

  1. The parent record has a [import_id] with a made-up number.

  2. The service locations or child records will have a [parent_id] sharing the same number as your import_id.

How import and populate custom fields

  • Create a custom field in your Kickserv account (settings > custom fields)

Note: that you can only import contact fields

  • Use the label or name of the contact field

  • Add that label or name as a column or header in your .csv import file.

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