If you are using QuickBooks desktop you will need to familiarize yourself with Intuit's web connector.  The web connector is Intuit's middleware that maps Kickserv to QuickBooks and then the other direction.

If your QuickBooks is on your desktop

you will need to ensure you are logging into your QuickBooks and have your company file open.

  • In the upper left of the QuickBooks screen click File

  • scroll down to the bottom of that list and locate start web services

  • Allow at least a full minute sometimes for you Web connector to appear.  It is a separate small window that opens

  • Ensure that there is checkmark to the left of your .QWC file shown above by either checking it off manually or clicking [Select All] 

  • Finally click [Update Selected]

You are now running the sync!

What if my company file is remote or hosted by a third party?

This is not a problem.  You just need to follow the instructions giving to you to access the QuickBooks application and then do the same steps as if the application was running on your PC desktop.

How to resolve errors with the sync process

  • Read the web connector waring or error message. Sometimes it can be the password was removed from the web connector or the company file is not open.



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