A known error after syncing with QuickBooks Online (QBOE) is that a job will attempt to sync from QBOE into Kickserv, but it cannot locate the customer record in Kickserv.

The first step to solve this error is to locate the job number in Kickserv, then find the customer in QuickBooks; and finally, determine why is not coming over.

When an error while syncing is generated, it will appear on the "Error" section of the QuickBooks menu in Kickserv.

So, what you need to do is:

  • Go to the "Error" section and locate the job number, which in this case our example is job #1234.

Now, to locate the customer in QuickBooks:

  • Go to any invoice, it doesn't matter which one, and in the address bar of your browser locate "txnid=". Write the job number after "txnId=" and hit the enter key. This will take you to the job and, therefore, the customer in question.


To continue with the same example:


Once you know which customer is not coming over from Quickbooks, it is time to figure out why. The most common reason is that the customer was already manually created in Kickserv. So, when the sync tries to create it there is an issue because the name is already in use.

Two possible solutions:

  1. Edit the customer record in QuickBooks and add a big "X" at the end of the customer name, save and run the sync again. Did that sync over?

  2. Or you could hunt down the exact named customer record in Kickserv and see about altering its customer name and running the sync again. Did that allow the sync to run successfully?

Once you have the customer record in Kickserv with the new invoice from QuickBooks, then you have to decide what you want to do with the similar customer record in Kickserv.

Best Practice: Name it so it does not conflict with your other customer record.

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