Let's say you added charges to an opportunity or a job in no particular order, but now you want to arrange them so they make more sense on the estimate, work order, or invoice. For example, you might want to do one of the following:

  • group labor charges and materials charges together

  • put work in chronological order

  • sort charges from biggest to smallest

On the left side of each job charge, you'll see a little handle. When you hover your mouse pointer over the handle, it changes to a four-way arrow to indicate that you can drag the charge around. Go ahead and move them around to your heart's content:

The charges will stay in whatever order you put them. Kickserv's built-in estimate, work order, and invoice templates will all respect the order.

Note: Custom templates and the mobile app will not currently display your charges in this order, but we're working on it. Also, reordering a charge on a repeating job does not reorder charges on any other jobs in the series.

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