Your customer data is your most valuable asset you own.  You have spent lots of strategic money and time to bring that customer into your organization don't delete it. 

Kickserv has planned and programmed for most all situations field service teams experience throughout the day, week, month, and year.  

For example how to handle a canceled job -- easy and clean!

  1. Locate the job event on any of the calendars

  2. Click on the event once and then the name of the job (not edit and not Delete Event)

  3. Once in the job you need to edit job with the drop down

4. Click [Cancel job]
5. Make detailed notes in this job as to why the customer canceled for future

6. and now there is a cancelled symbol on the calendar event and if you hover over  
    the event you will see the red cancel status. 

7. Once you change the status to canceled you may want to also un-assign the event      from the tech for [Only this job].
Now you have your data and your history in tacked.  You can always rely on your account data to be where you go for history and to resolve issues. 

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