Property managers can be a great source of repeat business. Make a friend with just a few, and you can keep the phone ringing. The challenge with this source of business is keeping track of which manager handles which property.

Let's take the image as an example to show how to keep everything organized. Imagine that Maple St. Property Management is one of your many customers, but this agency has 4 property managers that, at the same time, manage 3 properties each.

  1. First, you need to create a parent record, which in this case would be "Maple St. Property Management."

    Customers > Add a Contact

  2. Then, inside the parent record, you would create a service location for each property this agency manages. For this example a total of 12 service locations would be created.

    Customers > "the parent record" > Locations/Contacts > Service Locations +

  3. In each service location, you would list as an "additional contact" the property manager currently assigned to that specific location. For example: for 123 Main St. Apartments, Sea Breeze and Tropicana Towers, John Smith will be the additional contact; for The Venue, The Galleria and The Club House, Andrea Miller will be the additional contact; and so on.

    Customers > Select desired service location > Locations/Contacts > Additional Contacts +

It is vital to keep everything updated. For example, if a property manager stops working for that agency, if a service location changes or a new one is added, etc. The key is to make sure that all the information is up-to-date.

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