With Kickserv being the most proven field service software on the market of course we have a method to track just about any data common to field service businesses and mileage is one of them.

We have two direct methods to track mileage

  1. Time Tracking notes

  2. Custom work fields

Time Tracking method

  • Create a job and assign it to your technician

  • Scroll down to Time Tracker

  • Create a new time entry¬†

  • Choose the tech and date

  • In the notes is where your tech will document the mileage of their vehicle.

  • And then the number of hours on the job

  • Finally to report on the miles run the Time Card report from the reports page

Custom Fields method

  • If your plan supports custom fields you will click on settings > custom fields

  • Choose [Work fields]

  • Create a text field using a pick list and add your employees to the list box

  • Next, create a number field and ensure that its position in the list will make it immediately after its named text field above.

  • You can make more then one set of these text and number fields if you need to.

  • You will add your mileage to the job by editing your job and updating your custom mileage fields

  • To report on the mileage you can create a custom mileage report (see creating custom reports) ¬†

  • We can assist with creating your custom report if you need our help just ask.

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