Ever need to compare an invoice with the original estimate so you can see the changes you had to make while on the job? Or have you ever made a change to an estimate after discussing with a customer, and then wish you had saved a copy of the original to refer back to? 

Once upon a time you had to remember to download and save a copy of the original document--but now, Kickserv will do this for you.

When an opportunity is marked won or an invoice is generated, we now save a copy of the estimate or invoice and add it to the job's attachments. Need to convert the job back into an opportunity and get customer re-approval? That'll save another copy for you.

When the job is marked complete and an invoice is generated, we'll save a copy of the invoice too.

These documents behave just like regular attachments, so you can rename or delete them if you choose. We recommend keeping them around for reference and posterity.

Save a Copy

If you make a change to an estimate or invoice and you want to proactively save that particular version, you don't need to wait for the automatic save to happen; you can save it yourself, at any time. Just view the estimate or invoice. In the row of green buttons, you'll see that the Download option has changed to a dropdown, Save a Copy.

Here you can either download the PDF document to your computer, or add it straight to your job's attachments, where it can be viewed from the web or from your mobile app. Note: Users who do not have the ability to view pricing information will not see these documents in their list of attachments, for obvious reasons.

We think this will make it much easier to keep track of those inevitable changes to your work in progress. Let us know how it helps!

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