A while back, we made a change to our accounting integrations to restrict editing of synced contacts in Kickserv. We did this to prevent accidental loss of data. Before we made this change, edits you made to contacts in Kickserv could be overwritten at any time by changes made in QuickBooks™ or Xero.

We'll be honest: this was our least popular change ever. We were amazed at how many of you preferred to edit your contacts in Kickserv, even with the risk of losing that data on a sync.

We have some good news for you: we're bringing back editing of synced contacts, along with a few other improvements and tweaks to accounting sync. Read on!

Unless otherwise specified, the following information applies to QuickBooks™ Online, QuickBooks™ Desktop, and Xero. We have used "QuickBooks" here for clarity.

Contact Editing

When you enable QuickBooks, you will be given the choice of where to edit your contacts.

Customers that have previously configured their sync can change this setting via Settings > Add-ons > QuickBooks.

Edit in QuickBooks (default behavior)

If you choose to edit contacts in your accounting application, any contacts that have already been synced will be locked in Kickserv and must be edited in QuickBooks.

Tip: You can sync address changes from QuickBooks back to Kickserv by also making a change to the customer's name. This change can be temporary, like appending an 'x'. Then, any changes to the customer's address will be copied to Kickserv. You can change the name back in QuickBooks once the address has been synced.

Edit in Kickserv

If you instead choose to edit contacts in Kickserv, all contact and address changes you make to a contact in Kickserv will overwrite the data in QuickBooks. (You can also modify contacts in QuickBooks, but those changes will not sync to Kickserv.)

It's important to note that any contact added or edited in Kickserv will only be synced to QuickBooks if a Kickserv invoice has been generated for that contact.

Billing and Service Addresses

The contact's billing address in Kickserv will always correspond to its billing address in QuickBooks.

  • If the contact has a Kickserv service address, it will become the shipping address in QuickBooks.

  • If the contact does not have a Kickserv service address, QuickBooks will use Kickserv's billing address as the shipping address.

QuickBooks™ Desktop

All new customers created in QuickBooks™ Desktop will sync to Kickserv with the following conditions.

If the customer has a separate billing and shipping address in QuickBooks™ Desktop:

  • The Kickserv service address will be the QuickBooks™ Desktop shipping address.

  • The radio button on the customer edit page will be set to "Bill a different address".

If the customer does not have a shipping address in QuickBooks™ Desktop: Kickserv will use the QuickBooks™ Desktop billing address as both the billing and service address.

New setting: "First line of address contains customer name"

If this option is enabled, Kickserv will assume that the first line of the contact's billing address contains a name (as in the image below) and will disregard the first line on sync.

The second line of the address, which contains address information, will be used as Kickserv's Address 1. The remaining address lines, with the exception of city, state, ZIP, and country, will be combined and saved in Kickserv's Address 2 field.

Important: if this setting is chosen, all QuickBooks™ Desktop addresses must be consistent. They should all contain the name in the first line. If the setting is enabled, any customers that do not have the name in the first address line will have incorrect address information in QuickBooks™ Desktop.

If you want to turn this setting on, and your customer addresses are not consistent (some of them have the name in the first line and some don't), we recommend you drop a message to support before enabling it, and we'll see if we can help you get them sorted.

We believe these changes better reflect the way our customers sync their contacts, and hope they eliminate the need for pesky workarounds. As always, we're here to help if you have any questions.

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