We vastly simplified time tracking on the job. No more going into Time Entries in the app and having to remember how many hours you spent on site. When you're looking at a job, you'll see a Clock In button.

Tapping on it starts a timer and also sets the job to Started for you. This is important, because in the past, users without permission to edit a job could still set it to Started using the Start button. However, we’ve removed the Start, Stop, On Hold buttons for users that do not have job modify permissions, so the controls are consistent.

When you're done, just tap Clock Out. You'll have the option to charge for your time, or not. 

Choosing Cancel will keep the timer running. Discard will discard the timer that's currently in progress--just in case you started a timer by accident or need to undo it for any reason.

Your work session will appear in Time Entries in the app and on the Kickserv web application, as always, in case you need to edit it later.

We told you it was easy!

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