Have you ever wished for more space to write down all the details of a complex job? The Description field isn't all that big. So maybe you resorted to writing a really long charge description:

You could do that, but there are a couple of problems: long charge text doesn't fit neatly into a printed estimate or invoice, and it's not really information related to a single charge--it's really about the job as a whole. So you're stuck with one great big charge. Wouldn't it be nice if you had somewhere else to put that long description, so your charges could look like this:

We added the Scope of Work field to give you this flexibility. When you create a new opportunity or job, you'll see it there under the regular description. You can choose to use it, or not.

You'll also see it on the job's details view, so if you're entering some other information during the course of the job and need to edit it, it's right there for you. Just click Scope of Work to expand, and when you hover over the field, you'll see an edit button.

We hope this makes it easier for you to manage job-related information, and yes, it'll also be available in the mobile app with the next app update.

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