Customers love options. Here are the steps to providing options in your estimates with Kickserv:

  • Create an item labeled or named "Option".  You can have pre-defined options and title them [Option 1: this is what we can offer for an additional fee or cost …]

  • Add that item to your estimate as a line item

  • You can choose to provide a quantity and price so it adds as part of your total estimate or you can put the price in the item description and leave the quantity and price zero.

  • Utilize the Notes section of your estimate to keep track of what you have offered your customer and for history purposes.  Copy the item description into the Notes section of the estimate.

  • (Ideally) you would then email this estimate to your customer.  In the body of your email you can describe that the options are "optional" and to just indicate their decision by clicking on the [Modifications] button in their self-service screen.

  • The modification request will become an email to the address configured in your settings > notifications page.  Plus, you will see the decision in the estimate's history.

  • Acting on the decision of the customer you can now modify your estimate by adding price and quantity to the option and/or make further notes in the line item option description detailing if the customer declined the offer and/or adding further notes to the your Notes section detailing what decision the customer made on your options.

  • Mark the estimate Won!

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