Our latest mobile app update adds a popular request, fixes some bugs, and more.

First, we brought the login screen visually up to date. It now matches the new way you login to Kickserv on the Web. 

The old screen showed kickservapp.com and used the term "subdomain", which was outdated and confusing.

The new screen displays the new app.kickserv.com URL and shows you by example where to find your account identifier (it's the part after app.kickserv.com). 

Next, to all of you who requested a faster way to get to other days on your schedule: we heard you. Just tap on the current date at the top of the screen for a date picker.

If you've used the new rich text option in the web application, you might be pleased to see that we've added it to the mobile app as well. Any rich text you add on the web will be visible on mobile as well. 

If you want to edit formatted text right on your mobile device, you can do that too. Just tap on the Toggle Markdown control next to the text. Note: this is a little advanced because it requires some knowledge of the Markdown formatting syntax. You can read about it here or tap the question mark next to the control for hints.

The last interface change is a small detail that was also requested by many of you: we added times to the list of attachments. Previously, only the date was visible.

We also hunted down some crashes and made a lot of upgrades under the hood. We're working on more good stuff for the mobile app in the coming weeks, so make sure you're always up to date!

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