We created Kickserv to help you run your business more smoothly and efficiently, freeing up time for you to think about growing your business. How are you reaching potential customers? Maybe you have a Facebook, Google, or Yelp page up to advertise your services. Hopefully it features some positive reviews and recommendations from happy customers. What if you could automatically collect a review from every customer once the job's done? 

Enter Podium. Their Interaction Managementâ„¢ platform helps you improve communication with your current and prospective customers. Podium will help you get found online by more leads, communicate via text with customers, and streamline team interactions. What Kickserv does for managing your day-to-day operations, Podium does for handling your customer feedback.

Once you've setup your very own Podium account, head over to Kickserv's Integrations screen, click the Podium tab, and enter your Podium API key and location ID (the fine folks at Podium can help you find these). Once you've done this, every completed job will send a single text message or email to your customer, asking them nicely if they would like to leave a review for you. Podium will take it from there. Customize your messages, see your feedback, and reach out to customers directly within Podium.

Do you have a glowing review from one of your customers to share? We'd love to hear it.

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