A little while ago, we announced that custom fields could be assigned to a specific service type. Now we've taken that idea a step further. Introducing custom forms for each of your services. To see the improvements, go to Settings | Forms & Fields. You'll see a list of all your active service types, as well as an All Services section.

Clicking a service type in the list shows you the form that will be presented when creating a new opportunity or job of that type. Here's an example that contains a checklist for your technicians:

The fields in the form can be rearranged by dragging and dropping.

Here's how our checklist looks when creating a new opportunity:

The All Services section contains any form fields that are not assigned to a specific job type. These fields are displayed when you click the View all custom fields option at the bottom of the form.

We hope this helps you collect and organize those unique pieces of information that are specific to your business and your workflow. If your Kickerv plan doesn't include custom forms & fields and you'd like to upgrade, visit your Account & Billing page, or contact our support team.

(Note: the mobile app currently displays all custom fields, not just the fields for the current job type. This will be resolved in the next mobile release.)

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