Not too long ago, we made some changes to contact phone numbers so that you could use a mobile phone as your customer's main number.

We promised that would allow us to do some pretty useful things. Here's the first: if you have entered a mobile number for your customer, as in the screenshot above (this happens by default), you can send them a copy of their estimate and invoice by text message.

When you click the Send button from the estimate or invoice view, you'll see an option to send a link by text message:

When you send them the document, sure enough, they will receive a text letting them know.

The customer can tap on the "Pay now" option and settle up their invoice instantly. If their mobile device has Apple Pay or Google Pay, they won't even need to get a credit card out of their wallet.

If they want to look over the invoice before paying, they can tap the link labeled "Or view the invoice", and see the details laid out for them in a way that is easy to read on their phone. They can even download a PDF copy and save it to their device for filing or printing.

Estimates work just the same way--they can approve the estimate from their phone, and even sign it.

When your customers can do business with you right from their phone, you get your work done faster and you get paid sooner. It's service made simple.

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