Many of you have asked for a way to take payments in all phases of a project, from opportunity to job to invoice. You might have a larger, long-running project, or you may have customers who need to pay in installments. You may need to collect a down payment at the start of a job. And everyone has that one customer who needs a gentle reminder to pay every now and then. Payment requests to the rescue.

First, you'll notice the Payments section is now always available to you, whether you're looking at a project in the Opportunity, Job, or Invoice phase. If you have online credit card payments set up (this is a prerequisite), you'll see a new Request Payment button at the top of the Payments section. (Collecting a credit card over the phone is still there as well-we just moved it to the Add a payment button.)

When you click Request Payment, you'll have the option to choose whether to request the entire outstanding balance, a fixed amount, or a percentage of the job's total.

Choose an option and enter a value, then edit the message you'd like to send to the customer. Clicking Send Request will send the customer a text message or an email, depending on their notification settings.

You can create as many payment requests as you like. The most recent one will display in the footer of the Payments list.

This should help you get paid for your work a little more smoothly, without having to resort to phone tag or sending out extra invoices. Let us know how it works for you!

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