This is the success story of New Pipes.

Meet Rob Dobkins - Owner

and Carrie Fraleigh - Service Manager

First, What were the pain points and needs of your business that prompted you to look for better field service software?

Second, what was the fix that Kickserv offered?

Third, what has been the outcome of using Kickerv in your business?

The Pain

The New Pipes office was in a state of "mild chaos" with only 2 people to book and dispatch ten field technicians. They were leaning on an old system of Outlook calendars and emails. They needed real-time data on all the Homeowner's Associations they were servicing. Each HOA had its own separate agreement and list of things required to complete each job. There was no simple way to organize each HOA in a parent-to-child hierarchy.

Rob realized that his shop's production had outgrown the old processes. Bottlenecks within the organization were getting in the way of profit.

The Needs

Rob and his team went on a hunt for a solution. They could have thrown more people or more money at the problem. Instead, they found Kickserv.

They were looking for a few specific things:

  • Custom reporting to help keep up with the shop's key performance indicators (KPIs for short).

  • Mobility. Rob did not want his techs to have to pull off the road to take out a pen and paper. He wanted all updates and contact data to be readily available on a mobile device.

  • Everyone on the same page. The ability to have all work orders online, and track all communications between the office, the tech, the property owner, and the HOA.

  • Expense management. Field techs had to keep track of all receipts from the job. The office needed expenses organized and reportable

  • Realtime tracking. The office had to know where the techs were in the field at any given moment in case of reschedules, updates, or customer cancellations.

  • Efficiency and speed. Rob and his team needed to save time running the business, so they could focus on growing the business.

The Outcome

Rob is a big fan of Kickserv's custom reports. He enjoys having the data at his fingertips anywhere he may be--office, home, or out of town. He created and runs over 12 custom reports every week to check on all the requests for proposals that come into his office. He can check in on his shop's performance whenever and wherever he likes.

Carrie the service manager has Kickserv's dispatch calendar open all the time. She can always see where the field techs in the field. She appreciates the ability to add and remove team members from jobs as needed. And since she knows exactly where they are, she can quickly reassign them to different jobs.

Rob says that Kickserv has helped his shop's revenue to triple from $1.2 million to $3.6 million--in less than 5 years.

"Kickserv has allowed me to fulfill my dream of expanding my business into two additional businesses. Kickserv allowed us to better automate our own internal processes."

Thank you to Rob, Carrie and the entire New Pipes organization.

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