"Our customers never get confused by the estimate acceptance process or paying an invoice. It's much easier when we can focus on what we do and not have to hold their hand. It's simple to quickly spin up an estimate, capture a signature in the field, collect payment in the field, and move on to the next job. I don't need to worry about how to get something done. Kickserv is intuitive, simple, and clean." Matt R.

Kickserv contains a lot of functionality and features, but in a way that lets you use only the pieces you need. The application is very developer-friendly and we've been able to graft a number of tools onto Kickserv using the API. I've used a number of other CRMs and I kept seeing that Kickserv had already figured out what some other companies were just starting to learn. I have to worry about a lot of things during the average day, but Kickserv isn't one of them; it's a solid product that we trust to keep us running.

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