In a perfect world, all your appointments start and end exactly on time. You ring the customer's doorbell exactly as the clock strikes nine. You predicted exactly how long the job would take, to the second. You're back in the truck just in time to be at your next job across town by ten. Everything goes exactly according to plan. Right?

How many work days like that have you actually had? We're guessing somewhere between zero and zero. The real world has traffic, flat tires, and stops for gas. Jobs take longer than planned and customers want to chat. Before long, that 4 pm job is looking like it might happen at six, if you hit all the green lights.

And there was no way to use Kickserv to communicate this uncertainty to your customers--until now.

Introducing the Arrival Window setting

From the Settings screen, click Messaging Templates, then select Customer Reminder. You'll see the new Arrival Window option. If you check the box, you can add a buffer time of anywhere between 1 and 8 hours to your customer reminder message.

This should help prevent customers calling at 9:02 to ask why you didn't arrive at the stroke of nine.

Note: If you use an arrival window, we highly recommend you do not schedule an event for a shorter period of time than your chosen arrival window. This could lead to overbooking, and you probably don't want that.

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