In the pre-mobile world, your customers either viewed your Kickserv estimates and invoices on a computer screen or printed them out to a sheet of paper for filing. Recently, though, we got with the times and provided a way to send these documents via text message, to a mobile device, for viewing on a mobile phone. Because mobile screens are much smaller, we had to make some tradeoffs. Mobile devices are always accessible and convenient, but let's face it: you just can't fit as much information on a phone screen. So we designed a new mobile-friendly view for estimates and invoices.

When your customer gets a text message letting them know there's an invoice ready, they can tap on the "Or view the invoice" link, and then tap on View Details.

Which brings them to this screen:

This view left off a few things that consumers are used to seeing; namely, job charge details and scope of work. Now, we've added those details to the mobile estimate and invoice views. To preserve ease of reading and avoid clutter, they're tucked away until you tap on the Scope of Work heading or on the charge.

Note that you can always view the whole document, just as it would look printed on paper, by tapping the Download button from that initial invoice view. That loads the entire document in a web browser on the mobile device.

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