Kickserv offers the option to sync your Kickserv calendar with your Google calendar so you can be up-to-date with all your events in just one place.

When you synchronize it, any events you add to Kickserv will be pushed to your Google calendar. If you update anything, Google will poll the data and sync it with your Google calendar.

To sync your Kickserv calendar with your Google calendar go to:

Planner > Calendar > Calendar settings > Set up Google Calendar Sync

When you click in Connect to Google Calendar, it will take you to your Google account so you can give permission to Kickserv to connect with your account and then it will take you back to Kickserv and ask you if you want to push your events only or all the events.

Note: Remember that if you modify something from your Google calendar, it won't be reflected in your Kickserv calendar, because Kickserv does not interact with the Google calendar. So, if you are removing calendar events, you must manually remove them from both.

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